Mayor Chris Coleman , Cherry Flowers and Tim Page are among those dedicating the North End Urban Farm with a ceremonial Tomato Cutting Event

Mayor Coleman, Councilmember Helgen launch North End Urban Farm
Project will create Saint Paul’s biggest urban garden
Mayor Chris Coleman and Councilmember Lee Helgen joined members from Sparc and the Association for the Advancement of Hmong Women today to launch Saint Paul’s largest urban garden.

The North End Urban Farm, already used by 13 growers, is a three-acre lot for businesses and community members growing small vegetables.

“Development in Saint Paul isn’t just about buildings, it’s about community,” Mayor Chris Coleman said. “This farm, which has grown up from community interest, illustrates the best of sustainability, community and development goals all in one project.”

"I think a community garden is a great interim use for this property.  I'm excited that this space will allow local growers to provide healthy, wholesome food to the neighbors,” Councilmember Lee Helgen said.

“This project is also an incubator for launching small businesses,” said Allison Sharkey Simpkins, Associate Director of Sparc. “The farmers, who speak five different languages, are experimenting with different ways to run successful food production businesses. We encourage neighbors to come meet their local farmer.”

The garden will allow growers to sell fresh produce directly to neighborhood residents, and will include a community garden on the southwest corner of the site, where neighbors can learn about gardening and grow their own produce. The land is planned to be eventually developed into a sustainable housing development that will incorporate gardens

The press event coincided with the new on-site mini farmers market, which will be open Tuesdays from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Partners include the Association for the Advancement of Hmong Women, Pigs Eye Urban Farm, Holistic Health Farms, Urban Farming and the University of Minnesota Center for Urban and Regional Affairs
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  Holistic Health Farms at Mill City Farmers Market

Tim Page and Cherry Flowers of Holistic Health Farms were at the September 3rd Market with this enticing display of produce.  


Holistic Health Farms tends vegetable crops on pockets of fertile land around the Twin Cities using sustainable practices.  Tim also educates on a number of topics, including (but not limited to) organic methods, composting/soil building, season extension, building raised beds and seed saving.

Additionally, Tim is involved in community gardens.  Here are some links to articles he's been mentioned in:
He can be reached at 651-271-3795 or
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